Are you ready to join us in building the ecosystem that will match the right capital with the right hardtech needed to drive Industrial Decarbonization?

There’s lots of climate events. There’s lots of investor-startup events. Only Decarb TechInvest brings together 180+ of the most significant investors, tech disruptors and strategics focused on industrial decarbonization.

Our goal is simple: we facilitate investments across the full capital stack to de-risk, scale and exit essential hardtech and startups at Series B+ and FOAK phase, to accelerate the commercialization of breakthrough technologies.  

Industrial decarb is capital intensive and needs de-risking and scaling through well-managed pilots and FOAKs – so who are the investors that see the opportunity and are stepping up? Who is taking on the baton and investing in developed asset classes for exit? And which disruptors have the industrial insight to shine brighter and scale up faster and further? 

Decarb TechInvest brings together the ecosystem to share insights into projects and the requirements to do the deals that will transform innovation in all areas of industrial decarbonization. The event brings together the full capital stack: growth equity, family offices, PE, pension and sovereign wealth funds along with strategic investors. We’ll be inviting carefully chosen investors who are focused on the market opportunity around scaling up critical hardtech for hard-to-abate sectors and matching them with the startups that matter.

Are you ready to join us in building the ecosystem that will match the right capital with the right hardtech and startups to drive Industrial Decarbonization? We’ve done the work for you by bringing together the key players in North America – expect high quality connections and in-person deal making. 

Meet some of the speakers shaping the future of commercializing decarbonization technologies:

Calling all Tech Disruptors, here's why you should be there...

Get your hands on intel from real world industrial decarb roadmaps 

Hear the innovation gaps in the roadmaps of the strategics and where they and their CVCs have large opportunities for cross-partner collaboration 

Accelerate your path to commercialization 

Accelerate the path to commercialization by bridging the gaps to identify and access the public and private financing and resources needed to succeed as a FOAK – whether you’re at pilot, deployment or scaling stage 

Understand how to position your company as a 'good investment'

Hear candid insight from quality investors across all stages of funding, on how they choose which startups and technologies to invest in, what they look for and where they have seen a return and exits

Investors, this is a must attend event for you...

Connect with the world's most promising tech startups

Meet our network of committed investors, corporate partners and market experts – the only event tackling head on, the hurdles of connecting capital with tech disruptors in industrial decarbonization 

Understand and explore market appetite

Hear the innovation gaps in the roadmaps of the strategics, the technology categories they are backing to better match breakthrough technologies to invest in, against market appetite.

Find the right technologies and ‘bankable’ opportunities

At your fingertips: the place to be to meet carefully sourced, de-risked startups and scaleups with great leadership teams that can scale valuable industrial decarbonization tech that matches your risk appetite. 

About Us

Our team are experts in industrial decarbonization. Over the last 4 years we’ve built events specifically designed to accelerate industrial decarb, plus we’ve created an international membership for hundreds of industrial leaders in decarbonization.

We focus on CO2-intensive sectors including steel, cement, chem, glass, ceramics and more. Our attendees and members get benefits including tailor-made introductions to tech, industry partners and finance. We’re committed to accelerating the funding of the critical hardtech required by industrials.

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